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How to Prepare Kava

A good quality powdered kava is usually creamy, smooth and easy to drink. It should have some peppery notes, a slight grassy aftertaste and leave you with a pleasant tingling sensation on your lips and tongue.

Follow our guide below to ensure the perfect, consistent cup of kava every time. 

You will need

  • Pure Vanuatu Noble Kava powder
  • Pure warm water (35-40 degrees)
  • A kava strainer bag (nut milk bags will work just fine)
  • A large bowl with a ladle and smaller bowls or cups for serving


  • Place four tablespoons of pure Vanuatu Noble Kava powder into the strainer bag.
  • Pour four cups of water into the bowl
  • Immerse the bag with the kava inside into the water and agitate/squeeze and strain the kava powder for approximately 1-2minutes
  • The water should become cloudy and opaque. When your liquid is quite opaque and no longer watery, its ready to serve!
  • Enjoy!
Serves 4 (adjust to your liking and crowd).

Some general notes on kava preparation and consumption

The active ingredients in kava, kavalactones, are not water-soluble. Pouring warm or hot water over kava roots is very unlikely to produce desired effects. Instead, root particles must be physically agitated, softened and hydrated in order for the kavalactone resin to get separated and suspended in water. This is the main idea behind most of the traditional kava preparation methods.

Kava is well known for its "reverse tolerance" phenomenon. This means that the effects of kava may not be felt fully with the first couple of times of use. Most first time users need to take kava for a few days before its effects and benefits can be fully felt.

Kava works best when consumed on an empty stomach. At the same time, it is a good idea to use some light chasers in between kava shells/cups and to consume a light meal half an hour after your kava session.

Kava doesn't usually have a very pleasant taste. One remedy is to use good chasers, such as fresh fruits, caffeine-free tea or non-alcoholic ginger beer.